Audit, RGAA and accessibility statement

An audit is used to check the accessibility of a site and its content.
This is a detailed, methodical assessment designed to identify obstacles to accessibility for disabled users, in accordance with the RGAA.

Qu'est-ce que cela vous apporte ?

This is a detailed, methodical assessment designed to identify obstacles to accessibility for disabled users.

1. Sample selection

  • If available, home, contact, legal, accessibility, sitemap, help and authentication pages.
  • Main service pages, including search, forms, maps, videos and downloadable documents.
  • The pages represent a complete and varied process.
  • A representative selection of the service, including at least 10% random pages.

2. Conformity assessment

For each page in the sample, we check how it satisfies the 106 criteria provided by the RGAA, grouped into 13 themes. Tests are associated with these criteria, with an average of 2.5 tests per criterion.

3. Report on non-conformities identified

At the end of the audit, we provide you with a report containing the identified points of non-conformity, classified by theme.
It also details the implications for the end-user, and offers recommendations for code modifications to achieve compliance.

4. Legal documentation

In the case of a classic audit or more, we also provide the legal documents needed to create and publish your accessibility declaration.

An accessibility declaration is an official document certifying the level of accessibility of a website or mobile application.
The purpose of this document is to inform users about the accessibility status of the digital service, the improvements planned or underway to remedy any non-compliances, and how users can report accessibility problems or request alternative information and content.

Public bodies

Public-sector entities are required to comply with accessibility obligations. This includes State administrations and departments, local authorities, public establishments, etc...

Missions de service public

Les entités de droit privé qui délèguent une mission de service public sont également concernées.
This obligation also applies to organizations under private law which do not have a primary commercial or industrial objective and which receive the bulk of their funding from public bodies, are under the control of the latter, or where more than half of the managing members are appointed by public entities.

Grandes entreprises privés

Private companies are subject to this obligation when their sales in France exceed 250 million euros, calculated on the basis of the average of the last three financial years.

Quality and Efficiency

At Audit Access, efficiency and precision are at the forefront of our services. Thanks to our proprietary software, we optimize up to 35% of audit criteria, speeding up the process without sacrificing quality. We conduct audits on computers, tablets, and phones to ensure full accessibility, regardless of screen type.

Code Recommendations

When working with sites developed in HTML/CSS, we go beyond standard recommendations by providing specific code corrections wherever possible. This allows our clients to make immediate and tangible improvements towards compliance.

Competitive Rates

Our dematerialized business model allows us to offer competitive rates while maintaining a high level of quality.
Finally, in addition to the accessibility declaration, we provide a comprehensive service by developing a multi-year accessibility plan with you, ensuring ongoing and simplified compliance.

Our Audit Offers

Quick Audit

  • Sample Model Audit
  • Accessibility Overview

Classic Audit

  • Sample Audit According to RGAA
  • Legal Compliance

Complete Audit

  • Detailed and Personalized Examination
  • Expert Guidance and Advice

Control Audit

  • Post-Audit Corrections Validation
  • Quality Assurance

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