Audit, WCAG, and Accessibility Statement

An audit is used to check the accessibility of an application and its content.
It is a systematic and detailed assessment aimed at identifying accessibility barriers for users with disabilities, according to the Mobile Applications Accessibility Assessment Framework.

What does it bring you?

Conducting an audit allows you to spot non-compliant areas of your digital content, the user impact generated, code recommendations to achieve compliance, as well as the legal documents necessary for publishing the accessibility statement.

1. Sample selection

We start by determining a sample of pages to review according to the rules of the Mobile Applications Accessibility Assessment Framework.
Mandatory screens: home, legal notices, authentication, contact, and application documentation.
Screens relevant to each service and main functionality, including search, forms, maps, videos, and downloadable documents.
Screens representing a complete process and varying in content or presentation.
A representative selection of the service, including at least 10% of random screens.

2. Compliance evaluation

For each screen of the sample, we check how it meets the 107 criteria provided by WCAG, grouped into 15 themes.

3. Report of identified non-conformities

At the end of the audit, we provide you with a report that includes the identified non-conformities, classified by theme.
It also details the repercussions for the end user and proposes code modification recommendations to achieve compliance.

4. Legal documentation

In the case of a complete audit, we also provide the essential legal documents for the creation of your accessibility statement.

An accessibility statement is an official document that attests to the accessibility level of a website or mobile application.
This document is used to inform users about the digital service's accessibility status, planned or ongoing improvements to remedy any non-conformities, and how users can report accessibility issues or request alternative information and content.

Luxembourg Public Bodies

According to Luxembourgish law of May 28, 2019, all websites and mobile applications of Luxembourg public sector bodies must be accessible.

Our Audit Offers

Quick Audit

  • Model Screen Audit
  • 24-Hour Results

Classic Audit

  • Sample Audit According to RAAM
  • Legal Compliance

Complete Audit

  • Detailed and Personalized Examination
  • Expert Advice and Support

Control Audit

  • Post-Audit Corrections Validation
  • Quality Assurance

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